A little bit about me

My name is Pritika and I'm an interior designer with a strong educational background in architecture, currently based in Dubai. I began my career in the Middle East (Qatar & UAE) after which I continued my design journey in Singapore where I explored design in different capacities. 

During my working experience, I have been exposed to a wide range of sectors in the design industry - residential, hospitality and commercial. I find that I have developed a versatile skill-set and a trained eye for design as my experience so far has helped me acquire unique, cultural understanding and adaptive approach to my design process. I can project-manage myself yet I thrive in a team setting. Now equipped with an Honors degree and a unique set of skills, I am looking to further my growth as part of a creative team.

I have also developed expertise in graphic design through my exposure in publication design and illustration projects. This has come of great use in my line of work as the world grows visual. With this discipline, I continue to create, imagine and progress in my future endeavors.

My personality outside of work is not too different as I'm always chasing something creative. I capture scenic moments on the days I go out and my weekends indoors are usually spent with my brushes and canvases. Below is a snippet of what I can put on paper!